#BlogElul 2017


Wow, it’s Elul again. I can hardly believe it. This year I could say it’s crept up on me, but it’s more like it’s jumped out from behind a tree, yelling “I’m here!”

So, once again, here I am, participating in #BlogElul, engaging in personal reflection, and finding much food for thought in the posts of other folks who join in.

This year, I’ve also taken the time to look at my old #BlogElul posts, and it has been interesting to see the different thoughts and how life events have changed my focus over the years.

#BlogElul is the brainchild of Rabbi Phyllis Sommer. You can find her blog “Ima on and off the bima” over at http://imabima.blogspot.com.au, and she’s also on twitter @imabima

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