#BlogElul 16: Pray


Western Wall 1891


A couple of passing comments I have read during this past year in relation to prayer have made a big impact on me.

One person said, “the words have become so automatic that I stop thinking”, another said, “these days, much of the time I speed or mumble through”. And those two comments gave me pause for thought.

On reflection, there had been plenty of times where I trotted off the words by rote, as if reciting multiplication tables.

So I asked myself some questions.

If I am on automatic, not thinking about what I am saying, what is the point?

If I am only half paying attention, it’s just like checking your messages on your phone while you are speaking to someone, and it feels kind of disrespectful.

If I am rushing through, am I seeing it as just another meaningless task that needs to be done so that I can put a ✔️ against my mental ‘to do’ list?

If I am mumbling the words am I really thinking about what I am saying?

The result. I pray less now. But when I do, I concentrate more on what I am saying and what the words mean. I’ve chosen quality over quantity, and strangely enough, after I have engaged in this way, my prayer now feels more connected and meaningful.

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