#BlogElul 2: Act



We all act.

It’s a social lubricant.

We act like we are interested, when we are not, to appear polite.

We act differently in different day to day situations, to fit in with expected societal norms.

We act differently around different people, so we don’t offend.

We act as if we like someone, when we don’t, to make life easier.

We act like we don’t care what others think, so we don’t show our hurt.

We act as if we agree, to avoid an argument, and hide our anger or resentment.

We act as if we’ve got it all together, to appear successful and in control of our lives.

We act as if we are okay with other people’s decisions, so they don’t feel unhappy.

We act like we are ‘fine’, to hide that we are not okay.

Every day we act, putting on a performance worthy of a Shakespearian play.

About dayanhadassah

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