Leonard Simon Nimoy Z”L

I woke today and checked the overnight news to read that Leonard Nimoy had died. While he had a long and varied career, he made his earliest impression on me through his role as Spock in Star Trek. Now I freely admit that I have been a Star Trek fan from day one, so the news saddened me. But thinking of Mr Nimoy, aka Mr Spock, also brought many more warm memories.

My favorite Star Trek episode: 'The Trouble with Tribbles'

My favorite Star Trek episode: ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’

The TV series only ran three seasons, but that was enough to make me a fan. So much so, that I named one on my cats Leonard after him: not surprisingly, a slightly aloof Siamese with absolutely enormous ears.

While many people will only identify him with his character Spock, he was a multi-talented man. A writer of books, including “I am Spock” and “I am not Spock”, a movie actor and a director.

He was also a photographer, and published a book of black and white photos, ‘Shekhina’, which caused quite some controversy, due to nudity, but I thought the images were wonderful.

An image from 'Shekhina'

An image from ‘Shekhina’

I can’t imagine how many interviews he did, but I have two favorite videos of interviews from the Wexler Oral History Project.

The Jewish Story Behind Spock. Nimoy explains how the hand-gesture of the Priestly blessing became the sign for Spock’s Vulcan salute.

Spock's Vulcan Salute

Spock’s Vulcan Salute

And Leonard Nimoy’s Mameloshn: A Yiddish Story

Interview in Yiddish

Interview in Yiddish

He also wrote beautiful poetry, exploring ‘love’, and published several poetry books, including, ‘A Lifetime of Love: Poems on the Passages of Life’, such a juxtaposition to his cold and totally logical Spock.

It’s hard to choose a favorite poem, but these following lines have always touched me.

From the poem ‘Patience‘:

Life comes and goes.

Laughter of the past
Rings through empty hallways.

The seasoning is bitter sweet.

Searching for me,
I wander
Through a house of mirrors.

I see a myriad of images,
But none are mine.

Only distorted reflections
Of a stranger.

Someone I’ve met
But don’t really know.

I cry out my name,
But the hollow echo that responds
Tells me I must wait.

It is not yet time.

From the poem ‘I am an incurable romantic’

I am an incurable romantic

I believe in hope, dreams and decency

I believe in love,
Tenderness and kindness.

I believe in mankind.

I believe in goodness,
Mercy and charity
I believe in a universal spirit
I believe in casting bread
Upon the waters.

Nimoy’s acting made me smile, laugh, amused and entertained me. His poetry touched me, and photographs moved me.

He was a real mensch.

Leonard Nimoy: may his memory be a blessing.

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