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Self-Respect: It’s in ‘Vogue’

I read a great piece in ‘Vogue‘ this week: Joan Didion’s seminal essay ‘Self-respect: Its Source, Its Power’, first published in Vogue in 1961. Fifty three years on, its message is as pertinent as ever. Here are a few words … Continue reading

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Signs You Have Lowered Your Standards: The Low Self-Esteem Meter

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Have you recently suffered a negative interaction with someone? Have you recently stuck your head into an oven because you couldn’t stand one more minute dealing with people who suck? Have you considered becoming a meth…

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Tears of Joy

Have you ever wondered why people cry when they are happy? It’s never made much sense to me and apparently Yale psychologist Oriana Aragon was bemused by this too. She had conducted series of studies on the subject and now … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day

To mark Remembrance Day a poem by Australian poet, Chris Wallace-Crabbe. Other People In the First World War they… Who were they? Who cares any more?… Killed four of my uncles, So I was told one day. There were only … Continue reading

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The Long and the Short of It

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The isle of Griefland has many unique geographical characteristics, including its varying distance from your home. Not only that, its size and terrain constantly mutate as well. You might become entangled in masses of vines unable…

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