Blog Elul 16-20

My thoughts on #BlogElul 16-20: Understand, Awaken, Pray, Ask and Judge.

#BlogElul 16: UNDERSTAND When you say “I” and “my” too much, you lose the capacity to understand “we” and “our”

#BlogElul 17: AWAKEN A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us.

#BlogElul 18: PRAY When I pray, the words of my prayers link me from one Jewish generation to the next in a great chain of being.

#BlogElul 19: ASK Need to ask someone for forgiveness? Need to apologize to someone? Here’s how. Apologies 101:

#BlogElul 20: JUDGE Why is it so easy to judge others but so hard to judge ourselves?

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✡MOT: I can worry about six things at once: Expert on 'what ifs' and worst-case scenarios: Aficionado of 'just in case': Kein Ayin Hara
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