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It’s Elul, so thanks to Rabbi Phyllis Sommer @imabima it’s time for BlogElul again. It’s a time where I enjoy sharing everyone’s reflections and thoughts. To be honest, I can’t really claim to blog Elul, because I tweet it. So here are tweets 1 to 5: Do, Act, Bless, Accept and Know.

#BlogElul 1 DO : What we do today shapes not only tomorrow but the past we will have to live with.

#BlogElul 2 ACT: Act with kindness. We don’t know what problems other people are struggling with. A kind act shows them someone cares.

#BlogElul 3: BLESS Fulfillment in life is not about getting what we want; it is the realisation of how blessed we are for what we have.

#BlogElul 4: ACCEPT The past can’t be changed, forgotten, edited or erased. Even if it is not what we wanted we have to accept it as it is.

#BlogElul 5: KNOW Admitting that you don’t know something, opens the door to knowledge.

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