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Blog Elul 16-20

My thoughts on #BlogElul 16-20: Understand, Awaken, Pray, Ask and Judge. #BlogElul 16: UNDERSTAND When you say “I” and “my” too much, you lose the capacity to understand “we” and “our” #BlogElul 17: AWAKEN A single event can awaken within … Continue reading

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Give A Little Bit… And Let Go Of A Lot

Originally posted on The Pop Elul Project:
After over twenty years, one of the most popular Young Adult science fiction novels finally made it to the big screen. The Giver was published in 1993 and in the years and decades…

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#BlogElul – Forgive Me

Originally posted on Coffee Shop Rabbi:
Photo credit: butupa “Forgive me.” It’s hard to say, especially without an “if.” The best apology is like an egg: simple, bald, fragile.  If I fumble it, I’ll really make a mess. “Forgive me,”…

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The 10 Minute Ride

Originally posted on A Working Grief:
Imagine yourself standing on the platform of the world’s largest roller coaster. Stop and really imagine the sensation. It’s a beautiful sunny day as you stare out to the mountains in the distance. To…

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Leap of Faith

Originally posted on alfageeek:
I’m falling. I’ve been falling for a while now. It’s what happens after you leap. When you are young and stupid, you leap easily. Without thought. And then it happens. You land. Ungracefully. You smash into…

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