Thoughts of a Lunatic

Strange Thoughts

I have read two great posts by Blogger ‘Thoughts of a Lunatic’ this week.

In ‘The Unromantic Romance’ I loved her words: “Sometimes, the big moments are terribly intimidating. Sometimes, the right answer doesn’t beat in our hearts. Our minds go to war; they draw up their swords, build up the walls, and await battle. Sometimes, time doesn’t stop. Sometimes, it speeds up so fast that we feel our bodies being shaken under the pressure, and all we can do is grab onto something and hope for a moment to breathe.”

In ‘What I Wish I Had Known, Then’ I loved her words: “I was covered in darkness. I had allowed my hopes and dreams to fall from my fingertips, onto the cold floor, and to shatter. After a while, I had forgotten about them completely. I searched for all the ways to be less me, and kept failing. I wish I had known, then, that I would always have to be me … and to fight it was pointless and degrading.”

I think her posts are honest, deep and very meaningful – hardly the thoughts of a lunatic, and I look forward to reading more of her engaging and insightful writing.

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