If I didn’t believe – my head would explode


Humans need to believe … if they didn’t believe, they wouldn’t make it through to the end of each day, let alone get up in the morning, as we would be cloaked in perpetual terror.

We believe that we will make it to work and back home again in one piece – can you imagine if every time we left the house we thought we’d be killed – even though it happens to people all over the world every day, we don’t believe that will happen to us.

We need to believe that we are important to something or someone – an organization, a cause, another person, otherwise we would not feel that we had any purpose in life.

When we visit doctors, we believe that whatever medicine they give us, or surgery they offer us, will make is well – even though sometimes it doesn’t. And when they can’t provide a cure, that’s when we believe that some new clinical trial or alternative therapies will work.

We believe that those we have given our trust to will be worthy of that trust and won’t betray us – if we didn’t we would never have any relationships and spend our lives in total isolation.

We believe that people will generally be honest with us – if we didn’t we would live in a state of constant doubt and suspicion, and never have a meaningful connection with anyone.

When things are bad, we believe things will get better – because we couldn’t function on a daily basis if we thought things would remain as bad as they are or get even worse. When life gets us down we all want to believe tomorrow will be better.

Believing makes us optimistic about life, without it we would all be walking around being pessimistic and feeling helpless and paralyzed into inaction.

In the end the only reason we believe is to give us all some hope, as false as it may be, for today and for the future, and without it, there would be no motivation to get out of bed each day. Now if you will excuse me, I will just roll over, pull up the covers and cuddle my unicorn. What do you mean “there’s no reason to believe in unicorns”?

Daily Prompt “Reason to Believe”


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