I Can’t Stay Mad at You – Wanna Bet?

Say someone broke my favorite vase, well if they didn’t mean to, I wouldn’t be mad at them at all. I mean it’s just a vase, and pretty low on the ‘cosmically significant’ scale. And if someone did something that hurt my feelings and made me angry, but it was unintentional, then I can’t stay mad at someone who does something completely by accident.

But when someone makes a deliberate pro-active choice that causes me significant hurt, well that’s a whole new ball game.

Sometimes when someone hurts us, too much damage is done, there have been too many lies and too much pain, so much so that an “I’m sorry” just doesn’t cut it – not even close. And when someone has done something that can never be fixed, then it’s easy to stay mad at someone.

So when someone says “sorry” and doesn’t get why I stay mad at them this is how I explain it:


So, just how much do you wanna bet that I can’t stay mad at you?


Daily Prompt “I Can’t Stay Mad at You”



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