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The Code: identifying a set of personal values that have meaning to you and living in alignment with those values. Great Blog Post from alfageeek.



It is one of those interesting philosophy problems that young people tend to get all wrapped up in when they first discover it: What does it mean to be me? How can I understand my character when I am an actor on the stage, not a member of the audience? Do I actually exist, or is this all just a very vivid dream? How could I possibly know the difference?

Those kinds of questions all boil down to a fundamental problem with human consciousness. In order to understand a system, you need to be just a little bit smarter than that system. So you cannot ever quite understand yourself, because you will never be quite smart enough.

This is where it comes in handy to have very smart friends. They can help you see things that are so fundamental to your architecture that you take them for granted. One such friend…

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