To save themselves, Jewish institutions must embrace the ‘Modern Family’

The modern Jewish family includes Jews by birth and Jews by choice, partners of other faiths raising Jewish children, and families of multiple races, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. It includes parents and children who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. It includes single parents who are divorced and single parents who have never been married, blended families, adoptive parents and adopted children, as well as parents and children with disabilities and impairments.

Rabbi Jesse Olitzky

This article was originally published by Haaretz. The full article can be found on their website here

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The Jewish family no longer comprises two Jewish parents and 2.5 children. If Jewish shuls, centers and schools acknowledged this, they might earn same success as the TV show.

Last Wednesday evening marked the 100th episode of the popular sitcom Modern Family. This milestone is a sign of success for all television shows, and is certainly a result of a large pool of viewership (the premiere was watched by 12.6 million viewers and already by the second season, the show was ranked as the top scripted show among adults ages 18-49).  The 100th episode premiere also speaks to critical acclaim, as this year Modern Family won again in the Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.

Modern Family tells the story of the Pritchett…

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