The Butterfly Effect – What a Fascinating Theory!

By the time the full impact of our choice hits us in the future, it is too late for regrets.
We are ultimately responsible for our direct actions and consequently responsible for where we are at in our lives. The smallest most insignificant event has the potential to change your life and those around you. The butterfly effect impacts everyone with results of these actions. We must always keep in mind that our thoughts, words and actions might have an impact on ourselves and others.
We must always consider the possible consequences that our choices and actions can cause. Being aware of the impact of our actions will lead to better decision making. We must always ask ourselves – If I take this action, what events are likely to develop? And – What kind of impact will this decision have on others and me now and in the future?
Because sometimes they cause tsunamis and chaos!

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Life is full of actions and reactions. This is what makes up the world around us. Our actions, no matter how small they appear actually get bigger as they begin to manifest themselves into reality. It’s somewhat similar to small waves in the ocean that build on themselves to eventually become a much bigger wave.

actions and consequences

Every action or decision has some kind of effect on something or someone, if only in an indirect way. How we approach these decisions or actions we take can have a huge impact, not just on those directly involved, but on others we could hardly fathom would be affected. You never know what little action may be the tipping point for another action and or reaction.

butterfly effect

When you hear the words “The Butterfly Effect”, most of you will probably think of the movie. That was about the chaos theory, meaning one series of events leads…

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