Don’t: Just don’t

I want you to keep quiet

Don’t’ tell anyone
Don’t talk about it
Don’t worry about it
Don’t complain about it
Don’t question it
Don’t get sad
Don’t get mad
Don’t explode
Don’t raise the topic
Don’t carry on about it
Don’t fuss about it
Don’t ask about it
Don’t have a choice
Don’t expect anything
Don’t expect something
Don’t protest about it
Don’t criticise it
Don’t have an opinion about it
Don’t bother about it
Don’t whinge about it
Don’t moan about it
Don’t nag about it
Don’t object to it
Don’t challenge it
Don’t disapprove of it
Don’t condemn it
Don’t judge it
Don’t get upset
Don’t make it awkward
Don’t make it uncomfortable
Don’t say anything
Don’t discuss it
Don’t live
Don’t: Just don’t


About dayanhadassah

✡MOT: I can worry about six things at once: Expert on 'what ifs' and worst-case scenarios: Aficionado of 'just in case': Kein Ayin Hara
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