Here we go: up; down; backwards; forwards; around and around



This soul was born for battle
My heart was built for war
These eyes see through the lies
Filled with disgust
You’ll find a sickness at the core
A septic carcass rotting out
Guilty is as guilty does
Filled with disgust
When the shadow games and agendas are wiped away
There is no such thing as different shades of truth
It’s black or white, do or die
Filled with disgust
You tie your noose with your lies
But the world keeps turning
Turning without you
Filled with disgust
Born for battle
Built for war
Inspired by Parkway Drive “Swing” lyrics


About dayanhadassah

✡MOT: I can worry about six things at once: Expert on 'what ifs' and worst-case scenarios: Aficionado of 'just in case': Kein Ayin Hara
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