Teshuvah is the New Black

Another great insight from Rabbi Jesse M Olitzky
As Jews, we are given the month of Elul and the High Holy Days to do teshuvah and repent. Repenting – acknowledging that we’ve done something wrong, saying we are sorry, and asking for forgiveness – is the easy part. It is the change that follows that is most difficult. All of us feel remorse when we are caught and must deal with the consequences. When we are stuck dealing with the punishment, we realize that we shouldn’t have done what we did to get us there. The real test of teshuvah is what we do with our second chance when it is given. Will we be brave enough, and strong enough, to start anew or when given a second chance, will we succumb to our old ways of making mistakes?

The Pop Elul Project

Netflix redefined binge watching this summer. For the first time, the DVD Rental-by-mail and more recently, video streaming service, revolutionized television by producing their own television series. Unlike prime-time shows or cable network favorites, these serials did not premiere an episode at a time. The viewer was not forced to wait week after week to watch the next installment. The entire season premiered at once. As a result, I joined countless others by spending hours on the couch zipping through their series in a few short days.

OITNBOne series that stood out to me was the critically-acclaimed Orange is the New Black, the story of protagonist Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Schilling and based on the real-life experiences of Piper Kerman, which chronicles her year in a minimum security women’s prison. This comedy-drama series has a cast of characters to keep the viewer entertained, each in jail for a…

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