#Blog Elul

Thanks to Rabbi Phyllis Sommer, @imabima who dreamt up #BlogElul


So here are my mini #BlogElul so far:

#BlogElul: Time to clean out our spiritual closets, get our moral and ethical house in order and prepare for reflection and introspection.

#BlogElul 2: Act: Examine and adjust my moral compass. gives me the confidence to move forward in a situation or to step back—or even out.

#BlogElul: 3:Bless: “K’tiva VaHatima Tova” examine this year’s actions that have caused harm and find meaningful healing atonement for them.

#BlogElul: 4:Accept: If you do what is needed to heal a rift but others won’t do what is needed to mend it then they don’t want to repair it

#BlogElul: 5:Know: That if you have spoken your needs clearly and others understand them but don’t act, then they have chosen not to listen.

#BlogElul: 6:Do: Determine that whatever you do in the coming year, you will not have gained profit by offering lies or partial truths.

#BlogElul: 7:Be: Be a voice that speaks out. We must all speak the truth when we see intolerance, injustice and bigotry. Silence is complicity.

#BlogElul: 8:Believe: Believe that you can always return from a place of exile.

#BlogElul: 9:Hear: Hear what is being said and not what you want to hear. Silence also speaks and it can be +ve or -ve, so listen carefully.

#BlogElul: 10:See: See what you have done well in the year as well as where you could improve. Do not solely focus on the negative.

#BlogElul: 11:Count: Count the 86,400 seconds you were given as a gift today and make every one of them  count.

#BlogElul: 12:Trust: Trust is a fragile thing. Slow to earn; easy to break; difficult to mend. Once trust is gone sometimes it never returns.

#BlogElul: 13:Forgive: Forgiving should not justify or excuse the wrong done; deny harm done; or place you in a position to be harmed again.

#BlogElul: 14:Remember: Remember, if you are honest and tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.



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